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We say at Bareburger that we’re ‘Deliciously Different’. A restaurant that has something for everyone no matter their dietary lifestyle. Because everyone deserves a life full of flavor
Tillamook-Dairy-CoOp-and-Bareburger-Partner-To-Bring-Top-Quality-Cheese-to New-York-City-Restaurant-Diners

The Tillamook Way is a way of life—the way our farmer-owners have done things since 1909. We cared for our farmer-owners, who cared for the land, which sustained healthier cows, which provided better milk. And better milk made better dairy products. It’s a simple recipe that we’ve followed for over a century and it has never failed.

organically farmed beverages

PUTTING THE “AHHH” IN OPTIONS Ever wonder why there aren’t many organic drink options when dining out? So did we. That’s why we crafted flavor-forward carbonated and non-carbonated beverages that could be enjoyed by all and offered them exclusively through food service partners. We wanted to build our business to reflect our commitment to our farms and families, so our drinks have no artificial ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, no phony colors, no mystery preservatives and no synthetic pesticides – ever. Just real certified organic ingredients, for real good flavor.

Wagyu The National

1/2 lbs wagyu beef, uncured bacon, tillamook farm style cheddar, pickled green tomato, raw red onion, special sauce

spicy paul bunyan

all-natural bison, tillamook habanerp pepper jack, pickled jalapeño, raw red onion, spicy mayo

Truffle Cheesesteak

pat lafreida’s ribeye steak, wild mushroom, tillamook baby swiss, vidalia onion, truffle garlic aioli, carli amoroso philly roll