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Bareburger, ‘Deliciously Different,’ welcomes all dietary lifestyles with a diverse menu, featuring delights like our dairy-free cheese. We believe everyone deserves a flavorful life, and our commitment to variety ensures that every guest can savor a unique culinary experience with us.
Bareburger's Impossible Spring Rolls featuring Armored Fresh Oat Milk Cheddar are the perfect starter or appetizer to a sustainable meal
Armored Fresh and Bareburger offer delicious oat milk based cheese
Armored Fresh, our esteemed partner, redefines plant-based excellence with their Dairy-Free Oat Milk Cheese, a luscious alternative designed for culinary innovation. Crafted from premium oat milk, this vegan-friendly cheese boasts a creamy texture and robust flavor, elevating it beyond traditional dairy substitutes. Armored Fresh’s commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with Bareburger’s values, contributing to a menu that prioritizes both taste and environmental responsibility. Join us in savoring the delicious possibilities that arise when quality meets compassion, as Armored Fresh continues to lead the way in dairy-free excellence.


Savor flavor and embrace a dairy-free lifestyle with our innovative Armored Fresh cheese. Crafted for those who believe in delicious food that makes a positive impact, it’s a sustainable choice that delights the palate. At Bareburger, we redefine culinary experiences with Armored Fresh’s dairy-free cheese
Armored Fresh partners with Bareburger to bring Oat Milk Cheese to New York City Burger Scene

How To Order

Armored Fresh

KId's Polar

sharp farm style cheddar or oat milk cheddar
215-420 cal

Impossible Standard V

impossible beef, armored fresh oat milk cheddar, caramelized onion, dill pickle, garlic aioli, organic ketchup 440-780 cal