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People, burgers and good times - Some things never change.

About us

We know you care—about your health, sustainability, and the environment. You also care (a lot!) about fresh, mouth-watering food. At Bareburger, we’re with you! And we’re proud to offer a menu that doesn’t make you choose between eating well and eating ethically. Our mindful menu makes you feel great, because it starts with clean, sustainable, organic, all-natural & fresh ingredients sourced from our partnerships with like-minded purveyors and farms.

Yes, we’re a burger joint. But we aren’t the type to be bogged down by labels. Our menu is filled with options for everyone regardless of their dietary preferences. Whether you’re 100% vegan, or you think ketchup is a vegetable (we won’t judge), at Bareburger there’s only one dietary restriction you’ll be limited to: food that’s made to taste great!

So, stop by on the way home from that spin class and refuel with a salad, or make us your ultimate burger and beer destination. Choose a bacon cheeseburger or a vegan milkshake. Go gluten-free or reach for that pint! No matter what you choose, you’ll be able to satisfy your stomach and support the things you care about. We promise you’ll find what you’re craving, because we have something for everyone—yes, even you!

our history

Our history is as unique as our menu—we started cooking our burgers back in 2002 at a music venue in Brooklyn called Sputnik. In true NYC fashion, the kitchen was closet-sized, but our burgers began drawing crowds. So we put our heads down and started planning. In 2009 we found a small, run-down bakery and converted it into a 40-seat restaurant. Despite the struggles of opening a business in the middle of a global recession (our timing could not have been worse), we pushed through the sleepless nights and maxed-out credit cards because we truly believed in our vision. Today, we’re just as committed to creating the tastiest burgers using local, organic, all natural & sustainable ingredients whenever possible, and always making our guests feel at home in our restaurants.

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